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What happened when councillors met to debate £26m MIRA track plan at Bosworth Battlefield

A fresh conflict has erupted at Bosworth Battlefield - and plans for a new track near the site were be debated at a meeting last night. In August 1485, the armies of Richard III and Henry Tudor clashed bloodily, and the death of the Plantagenet king changed the history of England forever. The battle did not end [...]
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Minutes of Sheepy Parish Council Meeting Sheepy Memorial Hall – 1st August 2017

1) Attendance and Apologies – Jim Aldridge (Chair) Pat Bingham, David Clarke, Amelia Bridgwater, Stuart Hawksworth, Andrea Johnson, Brian May, Jane Nichols, Ian Papworth, Clive Stretton, Rob Ward, Mavis Bassett – Clerk,  7 Parishioners, Ivan Ould and Kevin Morrell Apologies -   2) Declaration of Interest and Request for Dispensations – no interest was declared. [...]
Parish Meeting Agenda and Minutes