The Parish Council is aware of, and shares, parishioner’s concerns about dog fouling in the Parish. This is not a new problem and various actions have been taken to encourage dog owners to be responsible and not allow their dogs to foul in public places. These have included installing signs, installing additional dog waste bins and placing ‘dog pooh’ bags at various problem locations. Despite this the problem persist as a result the laziness of a few dog owners. Any new actions need to be both legal and have the appropriate approvals and permissions.

Allowing a dog to foul in any public area is both irresponsible and illegal. To deal with the issue, it is important that the community works together to solve the problem in a responsible way and doesn’t inadvertently cause further issues. Where a resident sees dog fouling take place it is also important that they are sensible in how they respond and most importantly consider their own safety in actions they take. To avoid any confusion, this article sets out the correct legal position and process for reporting dog fouling.

The law requires that anyone walking a dog in a public space picks up any fouling by their dog and disposes of it correctly. Correct disposal is either in a dog waste bin, a normal litter bin or it should be taken home for disposal. Dog owners should always carry suitable bags to put the waste in.

Sheepy Playing Field and Sheepy Glade (along with a number of other areas – see below) have been designated as a Public Open Space and are subject to a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). The signs displaying the rules relating to this order were placed in various locations at the entrances to the playing field and the Glade but have been recently vandalised and/or stolen. The Parish Council is currently in the process of replacing them. Public footpaths and other areas open to the public without a specific PSPO are also subject to the same restrictions and rules for dog owners.

A PSPO sets out the rules that apply to the designated area. In all public open spaces dogs are allowed to be off the lead except for, on the Playing Field, when there is an officiated sporting event being held or they are causing a nuisance and an Officer requires them to be on a lead. Dogs are not allowed on the children’s play area at any time.

Dog fouling should be reported directly to the Borough Council (HBBC); it has a process for reporting and is empowered to issue fixed notice fines for anyone caught allowing their dog to foul and not picking it up. The Parish Council can’t issue fines. The HBBC website has details of what information it requires when reporting dog fouling. See:

A person who allows their dog to foul and doesn’t dispose of it properly is liable to a £100 fine (fixed notice penalty). If they fail to pay the fine, then a prosecution might follow, and if successful this could lead to the court issuing a fine of up to £1000 (maximum).

On occasions, dog bins and/or other waste bins can become full. When this occurs, disposal of additional waste on top of the dog/waste bins so that they become overflowing or placing waste beside the bins is illegal and is technically considered to be ‘fly tipping’. Offenders risk a £400 on-the-spot fine. Therefore, please either inform or HBBC or the Parish Council Clerk to arrange for the bins to be emptied and take any waste that needs to be disposed of to another bin that is not full. There are already an adequate number of bins in the parish, with at least four in the Sheepy playing field area.

Locations with PSPOs: Sheepy Playing Field, Sheepy Glade, Sheepy and Sibson churchyards and cemeteries, land Fronting 15 to19 Meadow Close Sheepy Magna.