Tree wardens are volunteers appointed by their parish council to:

  • be a contact and support for all things tree related in their local area;
  • protect trees by reporting on early signs of pests, disease and vandalism;
  • gather information, survey and record information about trees important for wildlife or heritage in their parish;
  • help look out for opportunities to plant more trees in the local community, enhancing the environment for parishioners;
  • help find the money to fund local tree planting projects, e.g. the Tree Council have grants only available to tree wardens;
  • get involved in campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of trees.

Stones Stepping

Trees are important in your parish because they:

  • provide a habitat for wildlife;
  • provide shade and shelter for people;
  • can muffle sound effectively;
  • are appreciated by local people for their beauty and the sense of wellbeing they bring;
  • and can increase the property value of homes by up to 15% or more.**

The Tree Council (lead organisation for the National Tree Warden Scheme) recognised the value of Leicestershire’s tree wardens back in 1981 and made the tree warden scheme a national initiative.

The parish council supports their tree wardens by:

  • including them in discussions about tree matters;
  • inviting them to attend parish/town council meetings and report any tree related matters;
  • support them with any necessary resources needed to carry out their volunteering (within reason);
  • and ensure that they are covered for health and safety and insurance as a parish/ town council volunteer.

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