The Parish Council have been successful in securing a slot in this years Community Speed Watch Scheme which will run from

Saturday 24/06/2023 – Friday 07/07/2023

During this period volunteers will be monitoring speeds of vehicles throughout the Parish and anyone found speeding will be issued a warning letter – To ensure this scheme goes ahead we need a minimum of 12 volunteers who will be carrying out the monitoring on a rota style basis.

If you are interested in volunteering please email the clerk ASAP



What happens next:

  1. We will arrange a date and time with you to attend a site visit to risk assess the chosen locations (ASAP) and the training for you and your volunteers (approx. one week before the start of your scheme).
  2. You will coordinate a two week timetable of speed assessments ensuring a minimum of 10 days (2 sessions per day).
  3. Once you have met and carried out the site assessments you will be required to complete and email your timetable by 3/6/2023
  4. We will attend and deliver your training;
  5. You and ALL your volunteers will attend the training session.



  • It is a requirement that as scheme Co-ordinator you will be responsible for ensuring that appropriate data is accurately captured, transferred to an excel spreadsheet (attached) and forwarded to Leicestershire Police at the end of each day.  If you are not proficient at using IT/ excel can you please ensure that there is someone in the group who is; a delay in forwarding data to Leicestershire Police unfortunately results in the scheme defaulting.
  • All volunteers participating in CSW must attend the training session regardless of whether they have previously been involved in a scheme. 

For more information visit Community Speed Watch