Invitation Benefice Meeting June 15th June 7pm Sheepy Church

This concerns anyone who is at all interested in the future life of ‘their’ church! This is NOT just a matter for myself, the church wardens, or the PCC…it concerns YOU!

Please do read, reflect and consider the three proposals put before us for the future shape of ministry in the diocese, which will affect us all.

‘Use it or lose it’ is a phrase being used, and I’m afraid that may well be the case, if we cannot express our view…by voices heard together as a rural benefice of six churches.

Important message from +Martyn…

I am sending you this introductory paragraph, and the web link for further information, so that we can as a Benefice hold a  conversation around the proposed three strategies going forward for the shape of the Diocese.

I will use the sermon slot on Sunday 6th June, to try and explain the thought processes and how we unpack this.

But would like to hold a Benefice wide conversation the following week,

 Tuesday 15th June

in person to be held in

Sheepy Church


Covid safety applies in this building.

[+Martyn] We are asking every church and worshipping community to hold a prayerful Local Conversation in May/early June. These will be led by local leaders and will introduce Shaped By God Together to as 

wide a group of people as possible and enable all to explore three possible ministry models together. 

From that session, we will be collecting your collective feedback on the various options for the way we shape our future ministry by Monday 21 June. 

Please pass this invitation onto anyone you may know who would be interested in the future life of ‘their’ church. Especially to those who do not have access to email.





Revd Julia Hargreaves

Priest in Charge, Benefice of Sheepy

The Rectory, Church Lane

Sheepy Magna CV9 3QS

01827 881389