New Wildflower Meadow

The Sheepy Flower and Vegetable Show Committee (Julie Dixon, Keith Dixon, Pat Clark, Les Clark) have used monies raised from the Annual Sheepy Flower and Veg Show (that they organise and run every year), to purchase Wildflower Plants and Seeds. We proposed a brand new Wildflower Patch within The Sheepy Glade to both Clive Blewitt (Sheepy Playing Field Committee) and Ian Papworth (Sheepy PC). The SF&VS Committee, with full backing from Clive and Ian then set about researching the best seeds and plants to purchase and buy.

We chose UK Native. UK Grown. Organic. It was a stroke of added luck that the seeds also happened to come from a Warwickshire business (therefore supporting local business too).

Please see attached for full information:

Wildflower Meadow