Good afternoon,

I am writing to advise you of changes to the below local bus registration, which we have received and will affect residents within your parish.

Stagecoach have submitted the below changes to the Traffic Commissioners to take effect from the 31st of December 2022.

Outlined below is an initial assessment of these changes. Officers are in the process of reviewing the full impact, and we will be in touch if we identify that there are any further significant changes to communicate.

Stagecoach 7 – Measham – Atherstone – Fenny Drayton

• The service previously routed Fenny Drayton to Witherley to Atherstone. Following the change the service will serve in the following order Witherley, Fenny Drayton, Atherstone.
• Due to the rerouting of the service Fenny Drayton is only included in the timetable for one direction of travel. However there will be no decrease to the number of journeys a day serving Fenny Drayton.
• The change in the routing looks to improve service punctuality, in particularly to ensure the AM school-day journey departing Witherley arrives punctually at Market Bosworth.
• Minor punctuality changes to the timetable due to the change in routing.

For your reference, I have attached copies of the documents submitted by the bus operator. 13465 TT

If you have any questions about this proposed registration change, please email