Tree and Hedgerow Initiatives

I have exciting news! In partnership with the Woodland Trust, LCC have a range of tree and hedgerow initiatives available to farmers and landowners across Leicestershire.


  • Targeting Trees Disease packs –  for creating a small woodland to regenerate the countryside (field corners for example)
  • MOREhedges – for planting a minimum of 100m of new native hedgerow  with hedgerow trees-
  • MOREwoods – for planting a native woodland (0.5 ha or more)
  • Free Tree Replacement scheme –  Individual landscape trees supplied as larger trees for visual impact and ideal as hedgerow trees in existing hedges


Targeting Tree Disease packs


Working with the Woodland Trust, the county council are offering all landowners and farmers free tree packs, which have been specifically designed to help regenerate countryside that is under threat from tree diseases such as Ash Dieback.

These packs are available to applicants from across the county. Each pack includes 45 native trees and applicants can chose form two different species mixes:

  • Mix 1 – birch, hornbeam and oak
  • Mix 2 – birch, oak and wild cherry

The trees will be provided as small saplings and all the trees come with 1.2m tree tubes and stakes.



Applicants are responsible for planting the trees, either themselves or using a contractor. Advice can be given by the Woodland Trust.



Tree packs will be given out at the start of National Tree Week, applicants or a representative,  must be able to collect their tree packs from Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse Eaves on Wednesday 27th November.


To register for your free pack of trees

Please email with your name and contact details, or call on 0330 333 5303 making sure you quote ‘Leicestershire County Council trees’.

The deadline for applications for these packs  is 31 October 2019.


For all the other schemes please go to the county council website via the link below. The deadline is end January 2020 for these other schemes.


Please note that Parish councils and community groups can apply for free packs from the Woodland Trust direct.