Wildflower Planting in Sheepy

‘Wildflower planting in Sheepy.


Hello Sheepy residents. Many of you will be enjoying the Wildflower Patch in the Glade.

Sheepy PC together with support are now looking for new areas in the village to plant wildflowers. This will probably be in the form of ‘small pockets’ as planting / sowing in large areas need a cultivating licence.


Do you currently enjoy wildflowers in your own garden and are able to obtain seeds from them once they have blossomed?


If you are happy to donate the seeds then we will do our best to find a patch to sow them for all to enjoy. (Once we have sought permission from the necessary councils etc).

Please package them appropriately and write the name of the plant on your packets (if you want to include your address / rough location we will endeavour to keep a log of what has come from where).


Wildflowers only please and only those from your own garden’.  please email sheepyparish@gmail.com in the first instance.