Minutes of Sheepy Parish Council Meeting Sheepy Memorial Hall – 1st August 2017

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Mavis Bassett – Clerk,  7 Parishioners, Ivan Ould and Kevin Morrell

Apologies –


2) Declaration of Interest and Request for Dispensations – no interest was declared.


3) Parishioners Open Forum –


  1. Glade Overgrown – Parishioner said that parts of Glade was extremely overgrown. After discussion, Councillors agreed that the Chair should get a quote from grass cutting contractor and if under £500, work should go ahead.


  1. Cutting of Verges – Parishioners asked about cutting of verges and hedges. Ivan Ould responded that there is one x full width cut of the verges and then 3 x 2 metre wide cuts each year.  The hedges are the responsibility of the landowner.  Ivan also commented that the LCC survey had asked where they should make cuts and a lot of people had said that the cut back should be the verges.  Further information can be found on LCC website https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/popular-now/grass-cutting.


  1. Dog Fouling – Parishioner complained about dog fouling in Ratcliffe Lane. Ian Papworth said he would arrange for the pavement to be stencilled, that


  1. Speeding – Parishioner complained about speeding through the village of Sheepy Magna especially near the school and asked if Leicestershire police had a camera van. It was confirmed that they did have one and Clerk was asked to write to Police requesting that they visit Sheepy.  Rob Ward to supply data from the VAS to support this application.  Ivan said that he would take this up with the Safety Committee and parishioner was also advised to write to his MP


  1. Allotments – Parishioner said that he had gathered 5 requests for allotments. Parish Council has a statutory obligation to act on this when 6 are received.


  1. Ambulance Service – Parishioner complained about the long wait for an ambulance when his wife was ill. Ivan Ould said that he had requested a meeting with EMAS, as he now had 7 cases of delays waiting for ambulances in the period May to July.  Parishioner asked if their target level was for each area or for the whole of the East Midlands.  Ivan Ould to find out.


4) Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 6th June 2017 and Extraordinary Meeting re Neighbourhood Plan on 13 June 2017 – were accepted as a true and correct record.


5) Matters Arising from Minutes – Clerk’s Report


  • Environment Agency are to look for Himalayan Balsam and spray next time they are up the river.


  • Cubs are currently working on a project to de-weed the churchyard at Sibson.


6) Report by County Councillor – Ivan reported that developers not providing S106 monies for schools was causing problems.  He was also dealing with the following issues raised by parishioners:

  • Extending 30 mph on Main Road, Sheepy and providing anti slip on bend near Newhall Farm.
  • Environment Agency camera on river.
  • Diversion signs – additional slow down signs had been requested
  • Complaint re Springbourne Development at Trout Ponds Farm and HGVs. Kevin Morrell said that he had also received concerns about the parking at this development but Planning had said that it was acceptable.


7) Report by Borough Councillor – Kevin Morrell congratulated Sheepy Litter Pickers on their award and reported on:


  • Parish Forum meeting – interesting meeting.
  • Dry Recycling – HBBC are looking at bringing this in house and will transfer from April 2018, parishioners should not see any difference. Industrial waste collection is already carried out by HBBC.
  • Parish and Communities Initiative Fund – this had been a great success and will open again in October.
  • Developing Communities Fund – Sheepy had received £57,000 for refurbishment of Church.
  • Planning – still awaiting planning application for the site at Wellsborough.
  • Local Plan 2026/2036 – HBBC are actively seeking destinations for the extra development of 450 houses per year up to 2036. Neighbourhood Plan team should take this into account and actively seek sites that were acceptable. It was noted that Sheepy had delivered significantly over what they would be expected to deliver so far. Rural Conference in November will be an opportunity for Parish Councils to have their say.
  • Strategic Growth Plan Leicester and Leicestershire 2050 – this had now been issued to HBBC.
  • Unitary Authorities – this is an amalgamation of Borough and District, County and City Councils into one Authority – there are rumours that this is being actively considered.


Stuart Hawksworth thanked Kevin on behalf of the Parish Council for his work on

PCI Fund.  The grants have been of great benefit to the Parish.






8) Correspondence – the following was discussed or noted:

  • Request from parishioner for donation to Sibson Christmas Tree – Councillors all in agreement Parish Council should donate £100. Cheque to go to Sibson Village Hall Committee.
  • Leader funding*
  • Complaint from parishioner re positioning of VAS in Ratcliffe Lane – parishioner had been informed that location is decided by LCC.
  • Report from Environment Agency – – flow of river in Sheepy Magna is good and spraying will be carried out imminently. Trees across the channel at the bridge not increasing flood risk to properties.*
  • Village Pump – update – Scouts will do Well Dressing on 8th Councillors agreed there was no need for Parish Council to be involved.  Magna Signs has agreed to produce the plaque free of charge.  Clerk to liaise.
  • Complaint from parishioner re surface of road near Blue Brick cottage, Main Road, Sheepy Magna, which has caused several accidents – Ivan Ould is dealing with this.
  • Email from parishioner re flood plain, land adjacent to Kingfisher Way, Sheepy Magna*


*circulated by email prior to meeting


9) Neighbourhood Plan – Mick Toogood reported:


  • The Steering Group was finalising the document to be signed off by the Parish Council at either the September or October meeting.
  • Locality Funding Grant for £3,935 had been received by the Parish Council.
  • All information would be available on Neighbourhood Plan website.
  • Clive Stretton to attend HBBC meeting re Local Heritage Assets.


10) Broadband – Stuart Hawksworth reported:


Pinwall and Wellesborough were in final 4% and there was no known date for superfast broadband.  There was a problem getting the fibre to communities and Wellsborough were looking at funding to get the fibre from Market Bosworth.


11) Litter and Footpaths – Ian Papworth reported:

Litter – Thanks was given to the Parish Council for nominating the Sheepy Litter Pickers for the Award.

  • They now had two new members in the team.
  • The bin at Ratcliffe Bridge is to be changed.
  • 16 bags had been picked up over the month.
  • Any damage to verges by cars involved in accident, will be charged back to insurance companies.
  • Parish traffic cones have disappeared. Any abandoned signs to be reported to Ian Papworth.
  • The camera is being re deployed.
  • There has been 86 fines in the Borough, this includes 9 fly tipping and 6 dog offences.



Hedges on Ratcliffe Lane have become overgrown causing parishioners to walk in road. Clerk to report to LCC.


12) Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)


13) Report from Tree Warden – Jane Nichols reported:


On 24th July, Andrew Gough, Kevin Barr, Clive Stretton and Jane Nichols attended a meeting with Rob Hardingham, Tree Officer from LCC. The purpose of the meeting was to review the condition of the horse chestnut tree adjacent to houses 15 to 19 Meadow Close.


The tree foliage from the bottom branches to approximately half way up was confirmed to be infested with a disease called leaf miner, which is spread by a moth, with its lava living in the leaf and causing the discolouration. The LCC Tree Officer confirmed, whilst unsightly, the disease is not harmful to the tree itself.


The LCC Tree Officer confirmed that they will arrange to give the lower branches a trim, as they are quite low over the footpath. We were also advised that the only real solution for the leaf miner infestation is a really cold hard winter.



14) Finance


  1. a) Bank Reconciliation to end June and Receipts and Payments to end July were circulated to Councillors.
  2. b) Report from External Auditor – Accounts 2016/2017

The Clerk reported that the Annual Return has been certified by the External Auditor. He noted that the Exercise of Public Rights for 2015/2016 was advertised from 6th to 15th June 2016 and this should have been 6th June to 15th July 2016.  The Auditor states that as it does not cover 30 days and therefore the Parish Council did not make proper provision for the Exercise of Public Rights and the response to Assertion 4 on the Governance Statement should be “no”.  The Exercise of Public Rights for the 2016/2017 Accounts was the 5th June to 14th July 2017.


  1. c) Cheques

The following were raised in July:


Viking                     Stationery                                             £471.96*

HBBC                     Empty dog bins quarter                         £241.00*

Eon                        Street light maintenance quarter            £93.91*

Sheepy DCC           Hire of hall                                            £25.00

M Bassett               Salary and expenses                             £576.44

HBBC                     Heritage streetlights Sibson                   £2,000.00

Bridge Farm Nursery Flowers for Riverside                           £85.00

Graphic Press         Printing Annual Report                          £158.40

Sheepy DCC           Distribution Annual Report                     £25.00

SADS UK                Defibrillator cabinets                              £960.00

Sheepy Scout Grp   Donation                                               £150.00

Expand Digital         N Plan hosting & name website              £77.98*

M &BG                   Grass-cutting June                                £349.94*


The following cheques were signed at August meeting:

M Bassett               Salary and expenses                             £576.44

Grant Thornton       External auditor                                     £240.00*


Standing Order for Eon –  street-lights                                  £2.61*

Direct Debit for HMRC Income Tax quarter payment             £418.80

*includes VAT


*includes VAT


15) Crime Figures for April

1 x burglary Main Road, Upton – Investigation complete no suspect




16) Planning

The following were noted and no comments were made:


17/00536/FUL Removal of two mobile homes and residential storage barn and erection of replacement dwelling – Meadow Barn Shenton Lane Upton

17/00570/HOU Erection of detached garden room 1 Lovelace Close Sibson

17/00609/HOU Erection of single storey rear extension, insertion of new first floor window within south elevation and replacement new windows – Bridge House 2 Church Lane Sheepy Magna

17/00710/HOU – two storey rear extension, Brookfield, Twycross Rd, Sibson



17)  Any Other Business –

New Data Protection Law


The meeting closed at   pm

Date of next meeting: 5th September, 7.30pm, Sheepy Memorial Hall[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]