Reports Log 2020

Report NoDateNameAreaIssueOwnerActionOutcameDateStatus
1 207th JanuaryPOFPinwallThe surfacing that has been carried out on Sheepy Road towards Pinwall is of a very poor quality, is this going to be renewed?JSReported to LCC Highways DeptRoad is closed in AugustOpen
2 207th JanuaryPOFAllThere is a camper van being lived in and pared in various laybys in the Parish and they may be responsible for Dumping of rubbishIPCheck to see if there is litter is being dumpedNone found4th FebClosed
3 207th JanuaryPOFWellsboroughA road sweeper is needed to clean road from A444 to water park at WellsboroughJSReported to LCC Highways DeptPasssed to contractorClosed
4 207th JanuaryPOFSheepy MagnaHow is the Parish Council going to ensiure the Neighbourhood Plan is adhered to espacially at Gate House CottageCSLetter sent to the head of Planning at HBBCLetter Sent10th JanuaryClosed
5 207th JanuaryPOFSheepy MagnaThere is planting of shrubberies in the Open Space at Meadow Close without a cultivating licenseJSReported to LCC Highways DeptLCC are not going to take any action as it is not dangerousMar-20Closed
6 2013th JanuaryVia Parish ChairmanSheepy MagnaVans are short cutting across verge at Park View JSReported to LCC Highways Dept to see if sign can be movedHighways are to inspectOpen
7 2030th JanuaryParishionerSheepy MagnaRiver running through village chamged colourJSReported to the EA to investigateEA to ProsecuteOngoingClosed
8 204th FebruaryPOFWellsboroughGully needs cleaning opposite the Dixie SchoolIOIvan Ould OBE agreed to sort this problem outIssue with Water leak passed to STWClosed
9 204th FebruaryPOFWellsboroughCould th PC do anything about the hGvs turning into the farm near the Dixie SchoolIOIvan Ould OBE agreed to sort this problem outNow stopped3rd MarchClosed
10 204th FebruaryPOFSheepy MagnaThere is a lot of burst water mains at the moment could the PC find out from STW what the long term plan is for the infrastructureJSemail to be sent to STWOpen
11 2018th FebruaryparishionersSheepy Magnaafter the flooding could the gullies be cleaned on Main Road and the pipes cleansed up Twitchell Lane and by the LaybyJSReported to LCC HighwaysGullies have been cleansedMar-20Closed
12 206th May 2020Tree WardenSheepy ParvaTrees need checking adacent to BT pol 24A and 26AJSReported to LCC Highways Ref: FS213183475Open
13 2022nd MayParishionerSheepy MagnaTree blocking river sence opp ChurchJSCut back and reported to EAOpen
14 2022nd MayParishionerSheepy MagnaWater leaking from Trout pond onto Main RoadJSLeaking has stopped plugged?Keep eye on situation31st MayClosed
15 2025th MayParishionerSheepy MagnaConcerns raised either HGV through village During M42 worksJSEmailed Highways England for a solutionOpen